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Best Reviews ListS Scholarship Program

Due: Sunday May 10th


  • Students pursuing a degree in any school/college. 

  • A creative idea and a 1,500 word essay.

Tips to apply!

Summary: The BestReviewsList is looking for the best home goods, gadgets, outdoor tools, computer and electronic appliances, and more to add to their collection of most researched product reviews. Your job is to review one of those items. 


  1. Research ideas to how to best conduct a review, and look at how BestReviewsList conducts their reviews. Here's a link to their reviews: 

  2. There are also some examples on the application site as well. Here's one: 

  3. Look over these ideas, find a product that you see as the best, and review it!

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Wednesday April 29th

Seniors! UVU has just updated their deadline for scholarships to June 1st as well! See for details!

If you look at our scholarships for our school it has increase dramatically! Congratulations Seniors for passing 1.5 Million in Scholarships!

—  Mr. C

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Senior College


All your steps to being ready for College

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  1. Apply to a college?

  2. File the FAFSA?

  3. Apply for scholarships?

  4. Accept your college scholarships?

  5. Defer enrollment & scholarships?

  6. Info for first year orientation?

  7. Find housing options?

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